New and exciting times for the Alwarestoch Lodge 7805. 

Alwarestoch 7805

As Freemasonry is entering the digital world, we have decided to add the name of Alwarestoch Lodge to that of the many other lodges that have a presence on the World Wide Web.

The Lodge now has many younger members who find electronic communications an easier and more efficient way to keep in touch with their colleagues, and to what is happening within their Lodge.

The site is divided into two parts, Public/Private.  The Public part is open for anyone to view, whilst the Private part contains facts for the information of members of the Lodge only.  It also contains many aids to assist members in their progression through the various offices of the Lodge.  This type of information will increase as the site develops.

Use of forms

The site does contain forms which pertain to the Lodge Secretary and also the Dining Steward. These forms will be diverted electronically to that person.

This website has been formulated to assist both our members and any person who may be interested in joining Freemasonry.  To this end I would encourage you to take advantage of its contents, and trust that it will achieve that aim. If you have any suggestions or need further help, please contact me.

Sincerely and fraternally,

W. Bro. Maurice Freeman