Message from the Worshipful Master

Musings from King Solomon’s Chair

Anno Domini 1953, October. I am Initiated into Freemasonry in Thameside-by-Tower Lodge
No.5423, meeting at The Charing Cross Hotel, London; my proposer is my father. Advance to the
year 1969 and I am Installed into the Chair of my Mother Lodge. Forward a year to 1970, now I am
in the Chair of Alwarestoch Lodge No.7805, which I joined in 1964. Forward 50 years, 2020, and I
am again to have the privilege of serving as Master of Alwarestoch. But as “the pestilence”( my
name for Covid-19) has suspended all Masonic activities, the celebration of this uncommon event
is postponed for a year; this coincides with me having attained the age of 90, another cause for
celebration. I am very humble and proud that the Brethren of Alwarestoch have afforded me this
Honour. I pray that I will not disappoint them and be worthy of their choice.

In my 68 years in Freemasonry I have witnessed many changes, from secrecy in the 50’s & 60’s to
the openness of today, exemplified by “ Freemasonry in the Community” and the TV programmes
which accompanied the celebrations of the 300 years of Freemasonry. A welcome change from the
adverse publicity and other difficulties that the Craft experienced in the 80’s & 90’s. There is
nothing of which we should be ashamed; broadcast and be proud of our achievements, we are
second only to the National Lottery in our Charitable Donations both here in the UK and abroad.
The Lodge is now 59 years old and a brief history of its first 50 years can be found on the web site
We are now looking with confidence to the next 41.

Sydney Aynsworth P.P.J.G.W